Be Fluid Bodywork is a one-person practice in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood, owned and operated by Patricia Hopper. The office is conveniently located minutes from I-5 and Greenlake and has a dedicated parking space just for clients.

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Founded in 2013 as a massage practice, Be Fluid has expanded to include other techniques, including Bowenwork, advanced neuromuscular and neurofascial techniques and movement education. The sum of life’s little (or not-so-little) traumas can accumulate over time to impact our ability to move comfortably. Patricia’s focus is on increasing your capacity for movement by treating global tension patterns resulting from injury, trauma and repetitive movement.

Each appointment is customized to address your needs. Sessions typically begin with myofascial testing and other assessments to make sure the hands-on work is focused and effective. Whenever possible, Patricia suggests an exercise or stretch to reinforce the work done during your appointment.

“Helping you be at your physical best is the primary concern. No matter what technique I use, I do my best to contact the body’s deeper structures by working in partnership with the client’s nervous system rather than simply pushing harder with my hands. We will start where you are and work together to find a session frequency and approach that helps you achieve free and fluid movement in the activities that are important for you.”

Patricia Hopper



Patricia has been a massage therapist since 2010. Throughout her career, she has been interested in our body’s connective tissue system (fascia) and the idea that a calm nervous system is a powerful trigger for self healing. Patricia became a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner in 2017, and a certified somatic educator in 2019.

Constant learning is key to Patricia’s approach to bodywork, and life in general. “For me, finding awareness and comfort in my body shapes how I face the world day-to-day. Regular Bowenwork, somatic movement, body-oriented therapy, and walking help me feel good,” says Patricia.

When not at work, she spends as much time in the outdoors as possible–taking photos along the way. Camping with her mate and taking to the trails with her dog Penny are particular favorites. She has also been known to ply the air on a paraglider, forage for mushrooms and berries, and explore Washington waterways on a stand up paddle board.

Essential Somatic Movement Teacher Training, Essential Somatics, Vancouver, BC, CAN,  2019
Bowenwork Practitioner Certification, Northwest School of Structural Therapy, Seattle, WA, 2017
Tensegrity Medicine Level 1 Certification, Northwest School of Structural Therapy, Seattle, WA, 2017
Cortiva Institute, Seattle, WA – 1,000 hour massage therapy program, 2010
First Aid/CPR Certification, renewed July 2021

Member, American Bowen Academy

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