Essential Information for Your Next Appointment 

Quite a bit has changed since I last saw you. Visit the COVID-19 tab to learn about required paperwork, visit guidelines and more.


Are you nervous about coming in for a session? I’ve been nervous, too. As with all things COVID-related, reopening my office has involved no small amount of hand wringing and a giant pile of little and surprisingly difficult decisions. At the same time, I don’t feel like we can wait any longer to take care of our bodies–ourselves–in the way that only bodywork can.

I don’t take being in close physical contact with you lightly. I commit to being diligent about doing what I can to reduce risk for both of us. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to raise them. A good conversation can go a long way to making the experience better for everyone who visits the office. Thank you for being the heart of my practice.

Things keep changing! The best way to stay informed is…

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Patricia Hopper, Owner
Lic #MA60199223

Be Fluid Bodywork is a one-person bodywork and movement practice in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood. Patricia Hopper helps clients rediscover full-body balance, coordination and stability using gentle, hands-on bodywork and movement coaching. Both online and in person, she partners with clients to treat the persistent pain and movement challenges that are holding them back. Trained as a massage therapist, Patricia uses Bowenwork and somatic movement to bring kindness and listening to working with clients and their bodies. Be Fluid Bodywork supports you so you can live fully in the activities you love, and find ease and new ways of moving along the way.

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