Why does it seem like every time your shoulder finally feels better, something else pops up that gets in your way?

If it’s not your hip, knee or foot, it’s something else…

Let’s work together to get all your pieces and parts working together so you can live and move with ease.


Be Fluid Bodywork is a one-person bodywork and movement practice in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood. Patricia Hopper helps clients rediscover full-body balance, coordination and stability using gentle, hands-on bodywork and movement coaching. She partners with clients to treat the persistent pain and movement challenges that are holding them back. Trained as a massage therapist, Patricia uses Bowenwork and somatic movement education to bring kindness and listening to working with clients and their bodies. Be Fluid Bodywork supports you so you can live fully in the activities you love, and find ease and new ways of moving along the way.

Things keep changing! The best way to stay informed is…

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Patricia Hopper, Owner
Lic #MA60199223

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