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I first tried Bowenwork on a whim and was amazed to experience deep and lasting change in a long-standing postural issue. Bowenwork is my favorite modality for my own self care. I leave each session feeling freer in my joint movement and more aligned overall.

Why try Bowenwork?

  • Effectively and gently treats musculoskeletal complaints, including
    • Back and neck pain
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Frozen shoulder and other shoulder pain
    • Repetitive strain injuries
    • Scoliosis
    • Musculoskeletal nerve complaints such as sciatica, carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Deep impact without firm pressure.
    • Unwinding tension in the body’s connective tissue system leads to greater adaptability, more mobility and less pain.
    • Safe and recommended directly after injury.
    • Supports preparation for and healing after joint replacements and other surgeries.
    • Promotes wellness for women in all stages, including before, during and after pregnancy.
    • Supportive for people living with cancer.
  • Long-lasting results.
    • Addresses compensation around old injuries, past surgeries and entrenched postural and/or repetitive movement patterns that may be contributing to pain and discomfort in the body.
    • Activates the body’s innate drive to heal itself. It is not unusual to leave a session feeling more aligned, grounded and relaxed.
    • A wellness habit that works that helps create balance system-wide by triggering healing in multiple systems of the body, including musculoskeletal (muscles and fascia), nervous and sensory, and lymphatic systems.

How is Bowenwork different from massage?

  • The Bowen practitioner manipulates specific muscles, tendons and nerves with a series of precise rolling motions, called “moves.”
  • Short therapeutic pauses are interspersed throughout the session to allow the nervous system time to respond.
  • The client is typically clothed during the session. Light, loose-fitting cotton or cotton blend clothing is recommended.
  • Bowenwork is a holistic modality that can be used to address specific complaints while also promoting health and wellness for your whole body. It is not unusual for clients to report better breathing and digestion, reduced anxiety, and other results related to overall health.
  • Bowenwork can be firm or light, but it is always gentle and is often sought out by clients who do not like or who cannot tolerate the constant touch of massage or deep pressure for whatever reason.
  • Bowenwork is safe immediately following injury and at any stage of life from infancy to old age.

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For more information about Bowenwork, visit the American Bowen Academy website.

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