“What a great find! I love Patricia’s touch. She seems to know exactly when to apply deep pressure, when to hold, and when to be gentle and soothing. So relaxing. Thank you.”

Somatic Movement – My Oasis
“Taking a class with Patricia is my oasis. She is an excellent instructor that really connects with her kind and gentle instruction. Patricia guides each student in gentle movement to reconnect with their bodies. I leave class feeling relaxed, fluid, and happy, both physically and mentally.”

Superb massage therapist
“Patricia is simply the best! She seeks to understand your needs each visit and then tailors the massage to resolve issues. She teaches stretches so you can continue to resolve at home. Patricia is an expert. She understands sports/training and the different muscle groups that may need special attention. She is flexible with her appointments and I like that you can book online. I always leave after a massage feeling relaxed and wishing I had booked more time.”

The Best
“I have been going to Patricia for a number of years. Recently I had a serious health issue that resulted in surgery. Because of this I have been holding myself tightly and my back is suffering. Patricia adapted a massage to conform with my physical limitations and was very thorough and gentle, checking in with me constantly to see how I was doing. Great massage!”

Patricia Hopper is a Highly Effective Healer
“Patricia has a gentle and healing touch. A seasoned massage therapist, Patricia is at once knowledgeable and technically skilled. I saw her for Bowenwork and was impressed by the experience overall. During the session I felt deeply at ease, but could feel a significant shift within and as soon as the day after the session I felt my alignment improve and my pain decrease.”

Lifesaving massage
“I found Patricia through a friend’s recommendation. I had spent a week with pulled hip muscle getting worse to the point I couldn’t sleep, exercise or sit at a desk and work. I was pretty desperate and grouchy. She listened to what happened, and really focused her energy and strength on target spots but also fall out areas. She made sure I was always ok with the pressure and areas she was working on. Best of all is her space is quiet, private and exudes relaxation.”

The Transformative Powers of Bowen
“I have received several amazing and transformative Bowen sessions from Patricia. She is a gifted healer, very calm, compassionate, gentle and precise. Exactly what my sensitive nervous system needed at just the right time – confirming and supporting my own body’s self-healing intelligence. Thank you for your services Patricia!”

Excellent skills, wonderful practitioner
“Patricia is awesome! Open to input, thoughtful, CALM, caring. As a health care professional, I respect her holistic, person-centered approach. Blessings”

Bowenwork – Awesome pain relief!
“Patricia has been helping me relieve back pain from a long-ago injury, with good results. I’m impressed with how Patricia is always working to improve and expand her skills, and I’m excited about Bowenwork, with which she has worked wonders on pain issues that have been bugging me for years. Thanks, Patricia, you are awesome!!”

Somatic Movement class was very fun and informative!
“I continue to practice the recommended strategies which help to release my holding patterns and other unnecessary muscle tension in my body.  I find that I am able to move with more ease through my workouts and daily activities since incorporating what I have learned in class.”

Massage for teen runner
“My son is 13 and had a shoulder injury that impacted his running. We took him to Patricia and she was great! The day after his massage he could move his shoulder and the numbing/tingling in his fingers went away and has not returned. We plan to go back to keep things healing in the right direction. She was very knowledgable and worked with my son in a very professional, yet warm way.”

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