Now Accepting PIP

If a fender bender leaves you sore and achy, I can help.

Be Fluid Bodywork now accepts PIP payments to cover treatment after a car accident. Even small car accidents can be rough on the body and leave you in need of extra healing support. As a courtesy to my clients, I can now bill your auto insurance directly for treatment received after a car accident. 

“When I first came to Patricia I had been in a car accident where I incurred a whiplash and some other injuries. I was in rough shape but through Patricia’s incredibly intuitive touch and her vast understanding of the inner workings of the body, I’m now on a healing trajectory that wouldn’t be possible without her guidance and exceptional expertise on board otherwise.”

Christa Thielen

What is PIP? 

PIP is personal injury protection that you can add to your auto insurance package. PIP can be used to pay for medical and health services like massage and Bowen therapy to treat pain and injuries. If you’re in an auto accident, it’ll help pay for medical and other expenses. Click here to learn more from the Washington State Insurance Commissioner.

“Even beyond our work together in office, Patricia provides other customized tools and exercises that can be done at home to further amplify the healing. I would highly recommend seeing Patricia at BeFluid if you have been through any kind of accident or injury.  You will receive the highest utmost care along with a very gentle and empathic touch and results that I don’t believe can be found in other bodywork styles. You can rest assure that you will be in good hands as Patricia is simply the best!!”

Christa Thielen

What to know before you seek treatment for car accident injuries. 

If you have a car accident and you fear you may have been injured, first seek out any needed emergency or acute medical care.

Contact your auto insurance company to confirm you have PIP and to find out what kinds of expenses are covered. You may need a doctor’s referral for massage. Once you have a claim number and a good sense of what’s covered, get in touch by email, text or phone so we can get started.

Be Fluid Bodywork only bills first-party insurance claims. This means we cannot bill some one else’s insurance (third-party), only your own (first-party).

Both new and existing clients will be asked to do a bit of additional paperwork to provide billing details and permission to share specific personal health information with your insurance company. 

What kinds of car accident injuries can Patricia treat? 

Patricia uses gentle Bowenwork to treat soft tissue injuries caused by car accidents, like sprains, strains and whiplash. Neck and back injuries are often the ones we associate with car accidents, but wrist, shoulder, knee and foot injuries happen, too. Bowen therapy is also healing for head injuries, PTSD and nerve problems after an accident. For best results, starting therapy as soon after the accident as you are able is recommended.

Don’t wait to see how much worse it will get. If you are in an accident and you’re noticing pain, nerve problems, headaches or other related issues, use your coverage to recover faster and with fewer lasting symptoms.

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