Deep Healing after Traumatic Injury

A veteran tells his story of healing with Bowen

An army veteran and arborist credits Bowenwork with helping him heal after a severe tree-cutting accident. Brandon Wachholz received Bowenwork as part of his rehabilitation therapy at a Veteran’s Administration hospital. Check out the video below to see what he says about Bowenwork.

Click here for a 2-minute video where Brandon talks about his recovery.

How does Bowen therapy work?

It can be frustrating to admit we don’t have all the answers. We have volumes of information about every part of the body down to the tiniest specks of genetic material in the human genome. Hopefully, now our biological research can turn to how these parts communicate and function together to make us the humans we are.

In some ways, we are at a stage of our understanding of the biology of cells in which we know the cells, but we don’t know the songs that move between the cells. We know some of them, but we’re trying to figure out the rest.

Siddhartha Mukherjee, author of The Song of the Cell
as heard on City Arts & Lectures podcast

I can’t wait for further research to create a better picture of how our DNA, cells, organs and other parts come together to create the human experience. If we tried to build a human–including our internal and sensory experiences–out of the parts that we know so well, we couldn’t do it. We are not just a sum of our parts. We are even more than the sum of our parts.

With Bowenwork, we think results and healing comes from the songs sung between our connective tissue system (fascia) and the nervous system. Until we know more, we depend on the information and research we have. According to John Wilks (a leading author and practitioner), Bowenwork:

  • Helps hydrate fascia.
  • Stimulates efficient nerve and blood supply by creating more fluidity in the surrounding connective tissue.
  • Lowers the stress response and increases vagal tone to aid relaxation and healing.
  • Allows proprioceptive pathways to change resulting in long-term changes in posture and gait. Proprioceptive pathways are those related to stimuli produced and perceived within an organism.

It is an honor to partner with you to stimulate healing of this kind. Thank you!

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