Tips to help you enjoy a session while wearing a face mask

Here’s a 2-minute video with tips to help you breathe easy and have a comfortable massage session while wearing a face mask. Selecting the right mask and trying different positions on the table to find the one that’s most relaxing for you will make all the difference for enjoying your next session. Always let your therapist know if you’re uncomfortable so they can help you into a more relaxing position. Watch to the end for some bonus mask etiquette tips for your next massage.

If you worry about breathing through a mask during a session, you’re not alone.

Like clockwork, a week or so before my monthly Bowen session, I start craving it. I check my calendar to see, “When is it??” I happily anticipate the appointment and then sigh with relief as I lay down on a cozy table to receive the therapist’s hands on my back. My whole system relaxes and starts to unwind. Then, something else starts to creep in–thoughts of my breath, thoughts of the mask over my face. At first it’s just a little discomfort, and then it starts to feel urgent. I NEED to take a breath. 

This happened to me last month. I’ve worn a face mask during my regular Bowen sessions for over a year with zero discomfort. Then, one day, I had a seriously uncomfortable mask moment. I let my therapist know. I shifted to a new position, and that edge of panic receded. I am happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the session without another thought about my breath or the mask. 

Your comfort is not only important to me, it is essential for making your session effective and calming. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help getting in a more comfortable position or state. I will be grateful you did, and so will you when your mind drifts and every muscle starts to relax.  

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