Somatic Movement

New Online Classes Start in August 2020.

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Imagine moving freely and without fear of injury.

Cultivate coordination, balance and alignment through movement.

Somatic movement eases stiffness and pain so you can feel more at home in your body. Gentle, whole-body movement routines reduce the persistent pain and movement challenges that are holding you back. Somatic movement is safe and beneficial for all fitness levels (loafer to athlete and everything in between).


Our bodies learn habits of muscle contraction from repetitive movement, injury and the daily pressures of keeping up and making due. Adaptive changes that were once helpful can later result in pain, stiffness and limited mobility in athletics and daily activities. Through Somatic movement, you can learn to feel when your parts are working together and when they’re not. Gentle, full-body movements re-train your brain to notice and release muscle contractions when they are no longer needed. Somatic movement improves posture and frees up muscle tension in a way that stretching can’t.

Somatic movement might be a good fit for you, if you…

  • notice increasing stiffness in your joints,
  • end up injured or hurting whenever you try doing favorite physical activities that you once did regularly without pain,
  • never quite recovered from that last injury,
  • notice it takes more and more effort to hold your body in an alignment that you associate with good posture.
  • can feel when your body is “off” and want a way to try resolving it on your own,
  • want a more effective warm up or cool down routine for running, climbing, hiking or crossfit to achieve better form during your workout and after,
  • have muscle soreness or chronic pain,
  • are a person who sometimes says you can’t feel your body, but you’d like to build that awareness.



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