Be Fluid Bodywork and the Pandemic

The office is open! To increase safety measures, services and protocols have been adjusted to meet the moment. Appointments consist of a phone consultation followed by a 30-45-minute in-office Bowenwork session. Other services will be added gradually as the presence of COVID-19 in King County decreases.

Have you heard of the Swiss chees approach to infection control?

Recognizing that no one intervention can completely remove the risk of working in close contact with one another, Be Fluid Bodywork has introduced a variety of overlapping measures. Each measure is imperfect, but combined with other measures does something (but, not everything) to reduce risk. Scroll down for more detail on this multiple barrier approach.

swiss cheese model

Before your appointment, please review the Be Fluid Bodywork COVID-19 Safety Plan and send in a copy of your completed consent form. Complete by hand on the printable form or on the computer with the fill-in form. Both are available at the links below. 




Submitting your completed consent form:

  • Download your preferred version of the form (print or computer fill-in) using the links above.
  • Initial, sign and date the form.
  • Submit the hardcopy by mail, or email a copy of the signed form to patricia(at)

A completed form must be received prior to your in-office session.  

We Got This

The pandemic requires us to work collectively to support the health and safety of the community in extraordinary ways. With any contact outside your household, it is safest to act as if you, the person you are in contact with, or both, could be carrying COVID-19–even if they are trusted friends and family. It is a difficult thought, but it will aid you in deciding how to approach interactions with others. Your actions affect not just you and the therapist, but potentially the other clients who might visit as well. Canceling appointments at short notice and communicating openly and transparently about symptoms and suspected close contacts might feel awkward at first. It is encouraged despite the awkwardness. Working together to support the collective recovery of our community must include consistent masking and open communication about health topics we may have once considered private. Together, we can do this.

Massage and Bodywork during a Pandemic

Infection control guidance from the CDC reminds healthcare providers that COVID-19 is spread primarily through person-to-person contact. Infectious respiratory droplets, produced when someone with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes, or speaks, can land on the eyes, mouth, or nose of an uninfected person, or be inhaled by an uninfected person standing close by. Smaller droplets may hang in the air for a period of time, while heavier droplets fall to surfaces. An uninfected person might touch a contaminated surface and then touch their face, mouth, or nose giving the virus entry to the body. Protocols that reduce the dispersal of respiratory droplets and the regular disinfection of surfaces in a massage workplace help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Massage and Bodywork Guidelines for Practice with COVID-19 Considerations,
Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards

Be Fluid Bodywork’s Safety Plan and pandemic practices rely on a “multiple barrier approach” to reduce exposure and transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Simply put, people are safer when multiple barriers separate them from the virus.

Generally, barriers include:

  • Personal health and hygiene – Be aware and stay home if you are sick. Wash hands frequently. Avoid touching your face. Cancel your appointment if you have new symptoms.
  • Face Coverings – Wear face coverings as recommended by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and required by Washington State.
  • Safe physical distancing – Be aware of yourself and others. Maintain 6 feet of separation outdoors and indoors.
  • Cleaning of workspace – Frequent and thorough cleaning and disinfection.
  • Planning – To maintain safe physical distancing and avoid accidental or avoidable close contact.
  • Pre-entry health screening – A collective commitment to others in the building and office space.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Available and worn by clients and practitioner.
  • Office policies and procedures – Support and encourage implementation of multiple barriers between clients, practitioner and the virus. All clients visiting the office will be asked to understand and consent to receive massage and/or bodywork under the polices and practices described in the Safety Plan. Be Fluid Bodywork is actively updating and managing the plan as new information or updated guidelines become available.




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