Be Fluid Bodywork and the Pandemic

Be Fluid Bodywork is committed to making the office a safe space. Patricia takes a multiple barrier approach to preventing COVID-19, and it has been effective so far. No single barrier is 100%. But, in combination, the risk reduction activities listed below have proven quite protective:

  • Open communication about close contacts and new symptoms by both client and therapist.
  • Face masks worn by client and therapist at all times. Required in healthcare settings like Be Fluid Bodywork by the State of Washington.
  • Room ventilation with two HEPA filters running constantly while in the office. At least 20-30-minutes with the office door open and fan going between each appointment. One HEPA filter runs on a timer for 2 hours after the last client of the day.
  • Cleaning of surfaces between each client.
  • Clean linens, blankets and therapist apron for each client. 

In the spirit of “do no harm,” Be Fluid Bodywork makes every effort to make the office a COVID-free zone. After more than two years of this, we know there are no guarantees when it comes to COVID-19. Maintaining a hygienic space for clients has always been one of the values of Be Fluid Bodywork. Some of the items listed above have been standard practice all along and some have been incorporated to specifically address COVID-19.

We Got This

At this stage, each of you are to be celebrated for your stamina. The pandemic has required us to work collectively to support the health and safety of the community in extraordinary ways. Supporting you own health and wellness is essential in this, too.

You receive bodywork to bolster recovery and build your resilience. The uncertainty brought by each new variant can be frustrating and makes us question our ability to be flexible and recover from setbacks. Trust your resilience and the resilience of our entire community. Together, we can do this.


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